dimanche 13 juillet 2008

Greetings from Germany's greenest city


Until the end of July, I am staying in Freiburg, southern Germany, for an internship at the "Institut Franco-allemand" (or "Centre Culturel Français").
The city is very charming - I like it a lot. The people speak a cute dialect, something between Swiss German and "Schwäbisch"... they would be mad if they saw that --> NEVER EVER mix up "Schwaben" and "Baden", they're totally different people, believe it or not - this I learnt here ;-)

View on Freiburg

"Biergarten" - could it be more German? ;-)


The part of the city where I live - almost in the middle of the "Schwarzwald" ;-) :

I live with a very nice Spanish-German biologist...

...who sometimes "decorates" my room door while I am away:

The neighborhood:

Freiburg, "bike town": everyone here owns AT LEAST 1 bike...


Just a "PS" to my favorite Berliner: Renke, I don't know how many "Freiburgs" you know, but the one I am talking about is Freiburg IM BREISGAU... hope you'll never teach Geography ^^

vendredi 4 juillet 2008

Leaving France / "Die Rückwanderer" / Grossi Züglete

After 14 years, my family's time in France is over...

June 27 was "MOVING DAY"...

Welcoming surprise...

The closest neighbors: 3 friendly ladies ^^

Waiting staff


Tired imported cat

My mother's "rain forrest" had to be moved too, of course...

Empty room

View from my window

Pictures of Freiburg are coming soon!!

lundi 23 juin 2008

In loving memory.


After weeks of hoping he would get better, Tango eventually died this morning.

To me he was so much more than "just a dog" - I basically grew up with this animal, which I loved for always being kind, playful and happy. When I was at home I spent hours with him every day, never really realizing it could come to an end.

He was greatly loved - and will be sadly missed.

dimanche 27 avril 2008

European Seminar 2008

Strasbourg - Kehl - Brussels

Call it "intelligent holidays" ;-) ! ... Last week we (my study mates, a group of students from Germany and I) attended a "European Seminar". We spent the 2 first days here in Strasbourg and Kehl (Germany) before going to Brussels where we had the opportunity to visit the European Institutions. The workshops and conferences we attended were very interesting, but because of the huge lack of sleep we all had, it was sometimes hard to stay concentrated... Brussel is a "nice" city, but far away from being "breathtaking"... Our hotel was located quite far away from the city center, so we spent our evenings (and nights) playing "Taboo" and chatting in our rooms or running across the city looking for the right subway station ;-)

Pictures... :

Departure, Wednesday morning, 6.30...

Sleeping people...

Arrival in Brussels :

With my study mates...

European Commission, Gaëlle & Olivia

Flags at the entrance

Conference about the Lisbon Treaty...

Cécile, proud to be "Suomi" :-) ...

"My" country :

Switzerland goes European...

My roommates, "Gazou", Cécile and "Miss Bogota" ;-)

Playing Taboo at the hotel...

Conferences "early in the morning"...

Sightseeing: Belgian Royal Palace :

"Maneken Pis", wearing Tibetan clothes :

... making fun of Maneken Pis ...

"Sighsteeing Crew"...

Shopping mall :

Belgian Fashion:

Have you been hugged today? "Free Hugs" in Brussels

"Fritland": French Fries Country :-)

Last night in Brussels - Thai Restaurant

Going home... ("Merci" again to the people who took this picture...)

samedi 19 avril 2008

Somewhere between winter and spring

Switzerland, April 2008 ...

View from the balcony

The neighborhood :



Snow & Clouds

Morning Sun